I am a designer working at the intersection of type and user experience

Digital and interactive landscapes grow rapidly and in many various shape. Being able to understand, project and shape the future of relations, whether it is between humans or between humans and machines, is an absolute necessity.

We are beings of cultures shaped around graphic and iconographic signs. The multiplication of interactions and culture shaping elements is something to be aware and an actor of.

Hélio. Girard

Heliographie Girard, a large format printing company, wanted to place theirself as a leader of printing through digital. This family company wanted to extend their range of client who have been acquired through the traditional channel.

Starting with a workshop to structure the strategy the whole Ux, UI & branding methods have been centered on their vision for the future.

The website is a front window store which give primary informations. While working on the pure visual branding, the UX has been thought in order to quickly access to the last stage of the print order form.


Gathering mutliples high level talents, Merantix is an AI engineers company. The whole evolutive and responsive identity is reflecting the core of their constantly evolving activity. While being centered on technicality, their image reflect a junction between 007 young Q character and the nobility of a brand like Hermès.

After gathering research through a workshop and independent design thinking methods, the whole identity has been shaped around these two ideas: vivid young mind and high luxury craftmanship house.

The whole one page is made of different parts that will roll down and open deeper level of information. Keeping the narrative structure simple, this leads to reinforce the understanding of their activity.

Typeface drawn and developed for the whole identity. It contains four weights and its italics. More info on: type.index


Redefining their vision for the future, Enigma put their explorer suit on. Deeply convince about the multiple digital roads the world is taken, the whole new brand and UX strategy is revolving around collaboration and multitalent people. Constantly mapping strategy and visual design, the goal was to infuse the whole experience through the branding and the UX/UI.

Working closely with a UX design strategist, we structured different navigation narratives. The goal was to engage the future explorer through the different service by using strong contrast of digital landscapes.

While using AB testing and tracker, we’ve clearly noticed the mobile browser predominance. Working continuously on the desktop and mobile application, gave us global vision. The atomic design principles used helped us to shape the website for a maximum flexibility construction.

On Fournier

This revival is part of an academic project. The research started in collection of Gospel book printed in 1750. The masterpiece was printed in Neuchatel with the Fournier caracter. The goal of this exploration/revial was to understand how to obtain the same grayness of text and how to distinguish printing mistakes from ink splash and the real shape of the letter.

About They
Starting as a pure revival of Fournier coming from a document printed in 1750, the project is evolving into the direction of personal interpretation. Starting on a regular based and an italic, it will evolve into a multiple weight and style system.

What I do

Today, I am focused on building rich and hybrid iconographic system that can scale and adapt to the complex reality of today media landscape.

This “full design spectrum” approach requires a careful balance between visual and experience design. Working at this intersection of century old type design and high-speed digital subcultures, I am able to navigate through different universes and provide a solid visual structure to stories.


Hideout is an academic project which include the creation of an identity for a concept store and the creation of different packaging designs. Hideout is a futuristic super hero store. It contains everything for your daily heroic duty.


Ragusa is the original Swiss chocolate with a cult following. Ragusa is an original brand maintained by the same family from its start. The brand has a touch of rock’n’roll attitude which makes it different from its competitors. In 2016, Ragusa approached Enigma with the challenge of renewing its website. The goal was to create a website ready to tackle the challenges of this new mobile century.

How I do it

I collaboratively work to generate ideas and to build strategies. This leads me to fabricate visual modules that follows the agile and lean principles.

Through typographic and graphic systems; user experiences (UX) and interfaces (UI); visual iconography; editorial and motion projects, I concretely transform in images the whole brand and narrative experience ADN.

C. Aristote

Cercle Aristote is an association organizing conference in Paris. Its founder, Pierre-Yves Rougeyron, gather different specialist in the domains of history, philosophy, political science and many others. The whole organisation revolve around the transmission and the dialogue.

Wine District

Morgan & Charles are two passionated wine lovers. Not only they push their curiosity to the extremes but they also have a project. Wine District is a new dynamic cave cellar in Geneva.

JPO Project

How to bring calligraphy to the digital world?
How to use the strong power of narration transmitted by the hand.
JPO, Jean-Pierre Olivier abbreviation, project explores this question. The final piece of the project takes the shapes of a metaphor of a sky map. The points and the lines all together narrate the story of my father.

Le Bitcoin

“Le Bitcoin” is a diploma project of Aurelie Pham. It’s a 2 years study of the Bitcoin in the global economy. It contains an historical part country by country and a more technical part with numbers, statistics and tables indicating the evolution of the Bitcoin.

Sc. Vivante

Scultpture Vivante is the
name of a Swiss sculptor
living in Carouge, Geneva.

His whole moving art piece
needed to be transcribed in
terms of user experience and had to be narrated in terms of space and explorative experience


Alchemy is an academic project of typography. The goal was to present a typeface, in this case Clifford, in a broader and abstract subject. The choice of the history of chemistry through the eyes of alchemy gave the opportunity to experiment with different universe.

The final project contains a 120 pages book about Alchemy and Chemistry. This was paired with a specimen book for Clifford. The second book of 60 pages presented the typeface in a chemistry context.

Velvet Mag.

Velvet magazine is a versatile magazine talking to different people. Its goal is to contrast life style, habits, hobbys and identities. In this issue the team talked to Canon Salina, to the shaman Churla and finally to a young lady passionated by travelling around the world.


This two editions are part of the Lemanic project. The process book has been printed on a digital press. The specimen is made on a black and white laser printer and possess 6 differents kind of paper with 3 different sizes.

Lemanic is a project that started in February 2015. It consists of an exploration of 5 months into the construction of an extended type family for newspaper. Working with three different grades, it lets the designer construct a page with very dynamic and dynamic elements. The first grade made for text is the book one. It has a regular, an italic, a bold and a bold italic. The second grade is the display and is at the actual state made of a bold and a bold italic. Finally, the third grade is the head made of a special blackletter.


A tumblr place for explorations and sharing work in progress. The goal is also to jump momentarily out of the bubble and really put ideas on the table.

Thanks for your visit

My name is Loris. I am a UX/UI and type designer, with a background in graphic design. I love to consider every project as a way to help people. Help them get around a website or app. Help them understand and feel a brand. Help them get a message. Help them take actions.

I believe that we should stop designing reactively, and instead look to transcend today’s technologies.